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“Pick-pocketed by the Alchemist” by Ally Malinenko

I didn’t go inside Nicholas Flamel’s house when we finally found it down Rue Montmorency. We were exhausted. It was after the Pere Lachaise cemetery. We had been walking all day down cobblestone avenues of littered with graves. But we leaned against the other building to take pictures, which honestly don’t do it justice. It’s […]

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“Discussing Jesus” by Susie Sweetland

In an unusual twist, we spent some of the morning discussing Jesus.   You have questions and all my Sunday school answers rush right back to me. You are surprised by what I remember and say with such conviction. It is interesting to me too how it comes back so clearly, still leaving so little […]

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“On my gravestone” by Timothy Pilgrim

for the name, use Helvetica, italic, 72 point, that’s an inch tall, big enough mourners won’t need to squint, yet not minute like movie credits for gaffer, best boy, stuntman, where my life was shot. Make me fit on one line, not surname alone, then first name carved below  — like life cut in half, […]

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“Sprinter” by Tracey Lander-Garrett

Written after reading an article on the rehabilitation of inmates using retired race horses. Raced for years, stood in stalls, carried jockeys nine summers, lot in horse, ‘specially a racer thought I’d be sent there, you know— the glue factory, old chum, the slaughterhouse for those hosses who’ve outlived the last race swollen, strained, fractured […]

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“Instant Coffee” by A. P. Carlson

I use retired poets’ pens, and recycled paper, to write notes on the subject, of my weary mind. Mostly my cigarette ash covers the blank pages, endowing the white with concrete charcoal. I laugh and it’s whiskey again, two drags off of a butt; repeat. Chatter infused images super sensitive and ill, in mind. My […]

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