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Friends and Contributors: We are proud to launch the new version of our website, a project which has been in its conception stage for months and has recently come to fruition. We hope that you will find our new website more navigable and interactive. Also, there have been changes to our publishing schedule.

Originally, we set out to publish an issue in print and PDF on a monthly basis. We started the magazine during a period of extended cross-country travel; it was nearly impossible to meet our schedule, but we found that issues that were arranged over the course of several months were much stronger and consisted of the variety, the breadth and depth, we had hoped would characterize the magazine.

That said, issues will appear in print and PDF on a bi-monthly basis; however, we will now review incoming material on a rolling basis and publish pieces on our site’s main page, which will occur weekly or bi-weekly, depending on submission volume. In arranging bi-monthly issues, we will select certain pieces that have appeared on the site, as well as new material. In an effort to promote our back issues and the wonderful contributors who made them possible, we will kickstart our main-page publishing schedule by culling featured pieces from our PDF back issues and putting them directly on the site. Not only will this mean more on-site exposure for past contributors, but it will mean that their works will be archived by Google, which will make it easier for their readers to find and to connect with us.

Also, now that work will be more easily available to new visitors, prospective contributors will not have to download our PDFs and navigate them in order to get a sense for the sort of work we publish. In general, we hope you will find that the new site is much more efficient than the old.

Pieces published on our main page will be arranged by appropriate tags. Pretend that you are a new visitor to our site; you see that we publish poems and stories on our main page, but by now we have been doing so for awhile; you wonder how you can see a comprehensive list of all the poems that have appeared in this space; it would be too exhausting to manually search the archives. To see a list of poems we have published on-site, you can click the “poems” tag on any of our poem posts, or use the search bar in the navigation menu to search “poems.”

But possibly the best thing about our redesign is that it is now possible for our contributors, readers, and editors to interact by posting comments on published pieces or on entire issues. When we started the magazine, we knew for certain that we wanted to establish a community. A more interactive website will provide the opportunity for communication among contributors and readers alike.

We also hope to make regular use of the “contributor news” tag. If you are a past contributor and you are publishing a book, starting a press, volunteering for a charity, or in general know of a resource that could be beneficial to our readers, contact us and we will be glad to promote your project. Consistent with the spirit of community, it is important to us that our contributors feel that our magazine truly provides a mouthpiece for their voices.

We appreciate your patience as we work out the bugs and kickstart our new publishing schedule. In the meantime, you may register for our site by clicking the “Register” link in the bottom right corner of this page. We look forward to your participation.

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