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Last updated: 15 November 2011

Q: Who do you think you are?

A: Two real jazzy cats in berets, man. Brian Le Lay, wine-drinking poet-editor & site designer; Jess Dykstra, assistant editor, typographer, devout lover of exotic birds, teller of tragic tales in insouciant tones of voice. Read more about us here: Masthead

Q: What is Electric Windmill Press? Does it having anything to do with windmills or electricity?

A: Electric Windmill is an independent book publisher and monthly literary-arts publication. We’ve nothing to do with windmills or electricity in a literal sense, but we do hope to generate a self-empowering community where artists and thinkers of different, but equally important mediums and ideologies can co-exist.

This isn’t about the avant-garde, or the underground, or promoting one specific type of literary expression. People are more important than art. This is about people. Their stories. Their suffering. Their ideas about the world.

Read more about our mission here: Guidelines

Q: Where is Electric Windmill based?

A: Electric Windmill was founded in Seattle, WA in April 2011. Our inaugural issue was compiled in a cozy, bug-infested, 250 sq. ft. basement apartment in the University District of Seattle, WA. Our second issue was compiled and released at a resource center in Tacoma, WA, en route to sunny San Francisco where we lived in our car for two months. Issue #3 was released from Phoenix, AZ.

We’re currently planning an early December move to New Orleans where we’ll likely remain for awhile. But wherever we decide to go, Seattle and San Francisco will always feel like home.

Q: How often is Electric Windmill published? When can I expect to see the new edition on the site?

A: We release one magazine edition near the end of each month, though we might bleed over into the first week of the following month, depending on our schedules and the amount work required to generate editorial content, fulfill our vision for that installment. If we’re taking longer than expected, we’ll post updates via our Tumblr and the Twitter feed on the sidebar to your right.

Q: I hear that your monthly magazine is distributed both online and in print?

A: Yep! We distribute each issue in print as a high-quality, inexpensive paper & staple magazine, and also as a free downloadable PDF.

This way, if you prefer the craftsmanship and intimacy of handheld literature like we do, you can order a copy and dig it wherever you go. The cool thing is, they’re inexpensive, which means you can order an extra copy for a friend or a family member–anybody whom you think might enjoy it–or order one copy and share it. We don’t mind, so long as it reaches you, and you, and you.

If you’re too strapped to purchase a copy, or you prefer digital content, both of which we totally understand, you can read each issue for free Here.

Q: I live in Canada/Mexico/Europe/Asia/Any-Other-Location. Can I order a print copy?

A: Definitely! Prices are as follows (includes postage):

USA (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, & Guam): $3.75

Canada & Mexico: $4.92

All other countries: $5.66

* The only exception to these prices is our double issue for September/October, which is $1 extra.

Q: Will you review my unsolicited submission? If so, when are your submission windows?

A: Yes! We accept and encourage all variety of submissions on a rolling basis. See submission guidelines Here.

While we read and consider submissions on a constant basis, each month there is a submission deadline for consideration for the upcoming issue. You can find our deadlines by checking Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook.

Q: What kind of submissions are you interested in?

A: We are interested to publish everything from poetry, stories, visual art, photography, articles, essays, recipes… See our Guidelines to learn more.

Q: I see that Electric Windmill Books is an imprint of Electric Windmill Press. Does this mean you consider manuscripts (chapbook or full-length) for publication under Electric Windmill Books?

A: Yes. Since we have limited monetary means at the moment, we’ll tend to publish manuscripts by writers whose work we know. Your best bet is to submit stories or poems for consideration in one of our monthly issues, and let us know you’re interested to submit a manuscript. The least we can offer is detailed critique and good conversation.

Q: Will you only publish poetry collections under Electric Windmill Books? I have a novel manuscript which has been sitting on my hardrive for awhile and I think it would be perfect for you.

A: Send! Send! Send!

Q: Wow! I really enjoyed So-and-So’s piece in Issue No. 002. Where can I find more information about So-and-So?

A: You can find out more about our contributors by going to the “CONTRIBUTORS” page, found near the end of each issue.

Issue No. 001: pages 37-38
Issue No. 002: page 27
Issue No. 003: page 41

Also, we are working on a “Contributors Archive” page which we’ll have up by early 2012.

Q: Do you pay your contributors?

A: Not at this time, as we have limited means. However, in the future we do intend to provide complimentary contributor copies.

Any other questions?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us!
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