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All the Rage: Available for Preorder

Friends and Contributors,

It is our pleasure to announce that preorders are open for Kevin Ridgeway’s All the RageWe will begin shipping on the date of official release, which is September 24, 2013

More info here.

A quintessential Kevin Ridgeway poem inhabits a small studio apartment cramped with old blues records, unsteady stacks of books, the occasional dust-jacket a safe place for keeping family polaroids. The air is thick with gray-blue cigarette smoke. Yellow shades pulled to the sills during an unprecedented heatwave.

A Kevin Ridgeway poem has maybe shattered a few church windows by batting  a rock with a stick. A Kevin Ridgeway poem was once a Kool-Aid kid who saw the streetlights come on at dusk; it says “I was there, and it’s over, but at least I was there, and I did it; I made it.”


“Kevin Ridgeway’s thought provoking book, All the Rage, will make you sit up and take notice. I felt sort of like a blind man being led by a seeing eye dog and every so often a maniac would blow a silent whistle and I’d be dragged through a cacti patch. Then I’d eat a few poems and I’d be digesting cherry ice cream with hot fudge, walnuts and jalapenos. ‘Kool Aid Mustache,’ ‘Pubic Slapstick,’ ‘Noodle,’ ‘Cowboy Killers,’ ‘Flying High’…an Elvis impersonator in ‘Sober Living Blues’:  This is a good collection, now I’m going to remove my blue suede shoes.  Buy this motherf*****; you won’t regret it.” 

Catfish McDaris, Writer

“You don’t just read Ridgeway’s work, you ‘get into’ it, the way you would with Ginsberg or Bukowski. All the Rage is a vibrant, personal document–a great work from one of the most assured voices of the literary underground. ” 

Matthew Guerruckey, Writer and Editor-in-Chief of Drunk Monkeys

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