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“All the Rage” and Other EWP Happenings

All the Rage, Kevin RidgewayDear Friends,

If you read our issues or follow us on Twitter or Facebook, it’s likely you already know about our recent chapbook release, “All the Rage” by Kevin Ridgeway.

For those who haven’t read Kevin’s work, skim through our issues, or punch “Kevin Ridgeway + poems” into Google. You’re bound find something in his work that you will enjoy. We’ve heard such great feedback about the book so far.

From writer, JL Martindale:
” Although All the Rage, Kevin Ridgeway’s collection of poetry, is fun, there is nothing light about it. The poems are ghetto fabulous, traipsing humble hipster landscapes, stalking beat ghosts like a character out of a Salinger novel seeking meaning. The poems in this collection will make you laugh and then choke on your sudden inhale of harsh epiphanies that taste like burnt coffee and stale cigarette smoke. I suggest you be a little selfish this holiday season and purchase this collection for yourself. Wrap it up and sign the card, “from Santa.”

Or, get to know Kevin a bit in his recent interview with Catfish McDaris of ppigpenn.

You can pick up a copy of Kevin’s work from us in our online shop:

Also, our next chapbook is coming soon! Keep an eye out for “The Old Masters” by Jeffrey Graessley. It will be available at the below link early on in 2014.

Next up is Issue #8. Until then, enjoy our recently shared archive posts on Twitter!


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